Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul (15.4 million) has around 14 million tourists visiting annually. Istanbul's public transport network is growing rapidly. However, measures to increase wellbeing remain vague. The pilot aims to take place in the historic peninsula, on a tram line (T1) that serves this area. The target users are primarily tourists, but also local commuters and students. The pilot aims to test the "CONNECT" feature, with the final goal of increasing the feeling of security within the line.

Secondly, the pilot aims to test the "REPORT" feature, where tourists, as well as locals, are able to give feedback regarding the urban transport and surrounding environment of the area. In this way, local authorities will be able to address and thus improve the service delivery and urban fabric. Initial and exit questionnaires will be designed to collect satisfaction, feeling of security, and app features preference. The pilot shall run for up to 6 days, with an estimated number of users between 400-800.